July 11, 2009

Dream House

Thanks Lauren from dear golden for bringing me to Dave Coote Design where I finally found my dream house. Yup, this is exactly how I would like my house to be. The natural woodsy floor, the shabby chic furniture, the unexpected dash of vibrant color here and there, the floral print, the mood...Only problem is that I do not think I could ever get a place like that in HK... thanks to the crazy real estate market. For now, I can only keep this as my imagery home...

July 8, 2009


... All these styles will be in the store starting tomorrow night, so check back then! xo
Something Renewal


Yup. I've been very addicted to the purple tone lately, particularly the lilac and fig, oh, and Lace.. you all know...
Etsy Shoplist

July 6, 2009


Some might say that it is best to keep a vintage piece at its original form, others found it better to rework the vintage piece a little bit to fit into the current fashion moment or make it ultra special and unique. RSVP is obviously the master in the latter mentioned. They do no regular rework (i.e. take up the hem, chop off the sleeves.. etc), what they do is at couture level - taking the best parts of different vintage pieces and put them back together in one piece... like a beaded amulet from a 1920 gown sewn onto a 1970 mesh fabric...or vintage lace from 1910's and 1920's attached to a 1930's gown... Here is a collection from RSVP specially designed for Shrimpton Couture. Gorgeous gorgeous pieces.

July 5, 2009

homey Vintage Sunday

There's No Place Like Here:
Forestbound & The Snail and The Cyclops