August 1, 2009


She is one of a kind.
She is a true talented person.
She designs ass kicking clothing and makes amazingly fine cuisine


She said: Fashion isn't just about clothing oneself. Its a dream, an escape, a fantasy.. 

The clothes on the rolling racks are all made by her except for the fur coat which is a vintage piece. Her inspiration was from the 70's Jackson 5 (subconsciously, she said..)... how hot are those shorts w/ the vintage coat??

She said: Eating shouldn't just be about eating. Its about mystery, surprise, and delight. 

Look at these little Lolipop-Pie! Grab and go, little sweet treat for yourself without having to feel guilty about. and how pretty is that avocado and crab meat salad??? The way she presents the food and the step by step tutorial just made me want to cry. How great would it be if all cook books were like this?

If you haven't check out her blog yet, please click here, here, and here.... NOW