July 4, 2009

SomethingRenewal NOW ON ETSY!!

We are soooooo excited that our ETSY STORE is now up and running! Please check out our favorite vintage items on there. New styles will be added on a very regular basis! So check back often xo

July 2, 2009

LTD 100 Collection Launches In...

Etail giant ASOS has once again teamed up with London College of Fashion to select 100 winning pieces of student's designs to be sold on the site this Friday - July 3rd.

All 100 pieces are going to be unique and one off!
Tian Wang was the overall winner this year, the digital print collection from her was an instant love by the judging team including Designer Markus Luper, Tim Soar and my favorite blogger Susanna Lau aka Susie bubble.

Last year all of the 100 pieces were sold in 2 minutes. If you saw anything that you NEED to have, be sure to stay tuned to the official count down page of ASOS LTD 100, and turn your clicking power to the max....yea that's what I'm going to do... Good luck to us.

June 30, 2009

Marlaina Stone

I'm normally not a chunky jewelry fans. I can almost feel the rashes coming onto my neck when i see those chains necklaces. But when i came across Marlaina Stone's jewelry line, or should I say art collection, suddenly the rash-issue isn't that important. The only worry is the debt on my credit card might go sky high next month...

Michigan based Marlaina Stone creates one of a kind art piece by using material from freshwater pearl to vintage chains to cold hard metal. She made every human emotion: love, anger, hope into something that you can see and touch and most importantly - Feel.

Every single piece is guaranteed to be crafted by hand. Each has its only name, its own character and its own story behind. But how the story goes, that leaves to you...

Rebecca is the collection ambassador & a natural born fashion daredevil. $900
Fallon is a rock chick who is also a delicate girly girl at heart. $1,500
Lucy is an unpredictable vintage diva. $1,444
Jasmine is a feminine stylish diva. Time is of the essence to her. $1,700
Deleir is raised to pour his heart and soul into every adventure. $2,500
Cree represents secrest, wisdoms, and traditions. $2,400
Catalina is the kind of treasure that lies underneath the sea. $2,200
Casey adores the night life. She's never believed in routine. $1,100
Adele is borned to be a supermodel. $2,300
I'm by all means a Vintage Diva, I just hope that I can go home with Lucy, and tell you how her story goes...

June 29, 2009


I did a leetle bit too much of an Etsy surfing over the past weekend, resulting in ....This week's Vintage (Etsy??) - Wishlist Of the Week
I just check back and the little chain bag is already gone! I guess I really need to act fast...

June 28, 2009

Vintage Sunday

The orange gown
The messy hair
... and the fact that its one of the olsens
The hair.
The dress worn as tee top
The Levis
The skirt.
The T-strap shoes.
The wallpaper.

The tatt.
The Hat.
The bangs.