June 14, 2009

Vintage Starbucks??

Coffee? Love
Vintage? L.O.V.E

Vintage Starbucks? What not to love???

So when i learned this Starbucks x G.O.D collaboration of "Bing Sutt x Starbucks concepts" opened up on Duddell Street, I HAD to come...

This tells you what "Bing Sutt" is...

Of course there are booth seats...

I NEED this beaded curtains in my face, like, RIGHT NOW. (and i certainly don't mind to have that vintage tile flooring installed in my bathroom...)

This sign says: "Please take hella lot of pictures" .... Well, of course i ain't going to say no to that!

Some background information:

Duddell Street is famous for its granite stone steps, and gas lamps. they were declared a monument on 31 Aug, 1979. The lamps are now the only gas lamps remaining in the city.

. A .
Starbucks x Bing Sutt
Duddell Street
Floor M2, Baskerville House, 13 Duddell Street
tel : 2523 5685

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