June 23, 2009

Summer Fur?

Just last week, i saw a girl in HK wearing a mini A&F esque skirt + T-shirt, and A PAIR OF UGGS. If you know how hot it is in HK, you'll know why I'm like, all CAPS here... It's a hundred degrees outside, and this girl is wearing UGGS. HK is no LA, it does not get cooler in the summer nights, and its frigging humid. I joked about it with my friend saying perhaps she should might as well throw on a fur... So when I see this SHAGGY-FUR-MONGOLIAN-VEST-GILET, I was sooo exceited because wearing fur in the summer is actually doable!

Except it's not real fur... its actually loosley knit out of wool instead. But to the hell with it. I get the look.. I get the look. I think this has just out beat the other 2 and top mah wishlist of this week...

Wear the vest like this girl and you are golden. How hot is she?
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